Our Vision of Tourism

Fair  Trade tourism 

At Indiana Tours, we believe that tourism must be respectful and must include everyone in the chain. In addition, we believe that the best experiences are in small groups because we can offer a better quality service. As a result, all of our experiences are respectful to the environment and the local populations that we help by making them part of it. Our approach is therefore conscious and benevolent, for the good of our customers and our partners.

Tourism is now accessible to more and more people. It's a good thing, because it feels good to travel and allows us to learn about other cultures. The problem is that there are drifts in this tourism, as in all industries. Today there is damage to the environment due to mass tourism, but what about the local populations? The way people approach tourism is selfish and oblivious, in fact, we consume tourism without worrying about its consequences. In addition, authenticity and adventure are lost and rare in mainstream tourism. At Indiana Tours, we have chosen to do otherwise ...

Who I am  and what is  my story

My name is Franck and I feel like a hippie entrepreneur living in paradise.


French living in Mexico for more than 12 years. When I arrived in Merida, the beauty of the beaches, elegancy of the Mayan pyramids and the mystery of the Cenotes amazed me so much.


I started to discover many places as Cenotes, hidden ruins, natural reserves, handcrafters communities, and authentic villages that are not well known by mass tourism.

For example, being in nature and passing some time with the original and friendly Mayan people while tasting their gastronomy is an experience that many of us may never have on our own.

So I've decided to share this feeling with people like me who would like to go a bit off the beaten track and I feel blessed to be able to create this connection. 

Our Values


Respect of the wildlife, the nature and the locals.


Connecting with people, from tourists to locals, is my passion !


Best things are the simplest. Simplify our lifestyle is always good for us !


I feel like a kid reaching my dreams in my experiences!

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Thank to Scott McMurren who traveled in Yucatan and lived an experience with me ! He wrote an article on his blog about his experience so I really feel grateful ! You can read it by clicking on the logo of his blog below.

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Based in Merida,

Yucatan, Mexico.

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