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Eco-Tourism in Yucatan 

Live an amazing experience in the heart of the Mayan nature.

Visit beautiful and natural places discovering the mayan culture and helping communities

Dive into beautiful Cenotes 

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Learn the true story of chocolate

Relax on a virgin beach

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Feel the history of Campeche

Walk into the biggest Mexican cave

Visit a hidden Mayan ruin

Learn how Panama Hats are made by the hands of Craftmen

Do kayak inside the wild mangrove

Observe the greatness of the wildlife

Taste local Mayan cuisine in the community

Feel and climb the magic of Mayan culture

Admire amazing natural landscapes

Visit the magical yellow town of Izamal

Walk into the colorful cemetery of Hoctun

Indiana Tours experiences respect nature, local communities, and avoid mass tourism.


Franck Darius

Founder of Indiana Tours

Whatsapp : +52 1 999 386 4337

With Indiana Tours, I want to share with you my love for nature and local communities. I truly believe mass tourism kill our environment and does not help local people in their life. I love nature, I love the indigenous culture, and I love sharing experiences with people from all around the world and that's why I created Indiana Tours.

My mission is to make tourism a win-win experience for all of us.

What our clients says about us

This was one of the BEST experiences... Of.. my.. life!!! The cenotes truly are magical and we would have never been able to find this/get there without Franck. One of the best parts is it's not "touristy" but a more authentic Mexican experience. 

—  Lindsey, US *****

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